Sat nam!

Welcome to the Alaska Kundalini Yoga Basecamp

The Basecamp was created to help connect the Kundalini Yoga community in Alaska. Through the webpage, email list, and our Facebook page, we invite you to meet other yogis, find out about Kundalini classes and related events around the state.

Workshops and Special EventsFacebook_post_photo_PoV_Jan28

(Last updated 1/7/2023) 


(Last updated 1/7/2023) The Alaska Kundalini Yoga classes we know about are listed below in no particular order. The Alaska Kundalini Yoga Basecamp Facebook page is updated more frequently than this website, so please check there as well.

About Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan® incorporates posture (asana), hand position (mudra), eye position, chanting (mantra), and breathing (pranayam) to create a yoga experience unlike any other. Yogis can also enjoy many other healthy living practices associated with Kundalini Yoga, including healing practices (Sat Nam Rasayan®), music and dance (Shabd Guru and Celestial Communication®), healthy eating, and service to community (seva). Learn more about this technology at

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