Alaska teacher Mukhya now offers online in real-time live weekly classes Monday mornings 7-8 am AKST and Thursday evenings 6:30-7:30 pm AKST. Classes are $50/month for all eight classes or $12/class. To access the class, download the Zoom Cloud Meetings App, then go to and under Useful Links – CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE MEETING. Click on the blue Join a meeting bar (class ID is 451-364-0270). Mukhya comes on 15 minutes early to be available to help with any technical difficulties. Payments can be made at

Baba Siri Chand Teletalk!

Free “tele-talk” by phone with Siri Gian, listening and translating the Aquarian guidance of Baba Siri Chand (son of Guru Nanak). Great wisdom and community! Wednesdays: 8-9 am AKST. Each call begins with introductions, mantras for guidance and protection, and heartbreath healing. This is followed by a lecture, guided meditation and discussion. Call in at 641-715-3822 (access code 506311#). More information or listen to recorded talks at or We have a significant Alaska presence on the call of those who live or have strong connections to Alaska. All are welcome, yogi or not.

1000 Days of Healing meditation!

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa is leading a 1000 Days of Healing meditation to help those who are suffering began June 12, 2017. This meditation uses the Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung mantra.

Sat Nam Rasayan!

Mahankirn Kaur offers Sat Nam Rasayan group healing and a live meditation class, some Sundays online, 8-8:30 pm AKST.

Other Great Resources!

Catalyst Yogi YouTube Channel | Lectures and guided meditations.

Kundalini Yoga + Sikh Dharma | An explanation of how Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan (R) includes some elements of Sikh teachings and traditions.

Meditation + Mantra | Yogi Bhajan gives a lecture on how meditation + mantra works.

Spirit Voyage Mantrepedia | Mostly everything you ever wanted to know about what you’ve been chanting in class.

Kundalini Research Institute YouTube Channel | Lectures and guided meditations.

Spirit Voyage Channel | Lectures and guided meditations.

Spirit Voyage Channel En Espanol | Lecturas y meditaciones en espanol.

Art and Meditation YouTube Channel | Lectures and guided meditations, with an emphasis on nurturing creativity, breaking habits and dealing with substance abuse.

Meditations with Guru Dev Singh | Lectures and meditations with Guru Dev Singh, healer and teacher of Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR).