Meditations on Snow

Anchorage is turning out to be blessed with a snow-filled winter this year. Sometimes the flakes are large and still clearly crystalline when they land on my windshield. I look at them and marvel at how beautiful they are, thinking about how each flake is supposed to be unique, and then they pile up in great heaps of white and cover the frozen world beneath them. Kind of like us – each a unique being, but then we pile up and cover the earth in our billions and our evidence of ourselves, blurring together into a worldwide blanket of human presence.

Even if I don’t get out and play in the snow, it makes me much happier to spend the winter in a world sparkling with white. My kundalini teachers told me to wear white to expand my aura. Perhaps Mother Nature is expanding her aura in these parts. Perhaps if each one of us allows our uniqueness to be as clear and bright as these countless snowflakes, that blanket of human presence will make for a cheerier world until the season changes again and a new cycle of birth and growth takes over.

Meditation to Experience and Project Your Original Self