All Shook Up

Sat Nam everyone,

With all the earthquakes Southcentral Alaska has been experiencing in the last quarter of 2018 (right up to December 31!), it is worth taking a moment to acknowledge the gross and subtle impacts of the earth’s rumblings on the Alaska community.

Yogi Bhajan gave us a meditation to adjust your magnetic field after an earthquake (earthquake meditation video here). Guru Dev Singh has recommended that all Alaska yogis practice this meditation. Even if you live in another part of the state, your energy is connected to the whole in the many ways we interact with each other, and can help soothe others who are adjusting to shocks and rapid change in any aspect of life.

Yogi Bhajan also gave us a meditation to prepare for an earthquake. This meditation is said to increase your intuition and help sensitize you to feel changes in the earth before they happen (like the way animals flee a natural disaster before the humans know what is going on), including climatic changes and other natural phenomena. It is also said to maintain youthfulness of mind and body, bring health and healing ability, protect against depression, eliminate fatigue and provide a constant flow of energy.

I have been extremely grateful that so many Alaskans made it through a 7.0 magnitude earthquake with no deaths and only minor injuries, and that we were able to carry on with only minor interruptions to our day-to-day lives. Public safety and services were addressed and restored quickly and effectively. Although there was damage to buildings and roads, the port stayed open and the airport closed only briefly. We could still get food. Those who were visiting Anchorage from other places were able to get home safely and without too many delays (there were at least two major statewide conferences in Anchorage the last week of November). I am also grateful for the many, many people who reached out to help and comfort friends and neighbors.

Wahe Guru! Cheers to what I hope will be a safe and steadfast new year!

~ Naryanjot Kaur