Happy Spring!

In keeping from January’s theme, February continued to be almost overwhelmingly full of wonderful things and people for me. This 3-minute Meditation to Balance Nervous Energies (a.k.a. for Hair-Trigger Efficiency) was extremely helpful for keeping my energy going and getting things done throughout the day. The meditation is short, but the breath can be challenging! And the effects are delightful! If you tend to waffle over decisions to be made, or feel tongue-tied about the perfect thing to say, try this meditation! I found that with this meditation, so many small things flowed easily throughout the day, giving me a delicious feeling of accomplishment (after which, I enjoyed an even more delicious rest).

In February, I spent a week at an international music industry conference in Montreal with a group of Alaska musicians, and once again felt honored to be part of such an amazing group of people. We worked together as a team to get things done effectively and efficiently, covered for each other, and uplifted each other to do our best with performances and community-building activities. When things went sideways, we gave each other the moral and energetic support needed to carry the day. We developed a great reputation as a warm, welcoming group who really has their act together! I believe that 90+ days of this 3-minute Meditation for Interdependence has helped revolutionize my relationships and grow into this amazing dynamic of teamwork that helps us all relax into being supported by each other.

Now that the springtime itch for new adventures is upon us, I’ve started this delightful yet short Meditation for Self-Blessing and Guidance by Intuition. (The video is much longer than the actual meditation.) After practicing this meditation for just a few days, I am already noticing how easily I can navigate frequently re-arranging schedules and activities and trust that it’s all working out fine.

May these meditation nuggets be helpful to you as well! Cheers,