Kundalini Quickies

At least in Anchorage, summer has definitely arrived, and so many of us are out enjoying sunshine as much as we can – hopefully you are, too!

These past few weeks, I have been keeping an eye on just how much the weather affects my mood and energy levels – quite a lot it turns out! I have lived in Alaska long enough now to know that this sensitivity can cause a sort of subclinical manic-depression if I’m not careful. I am making a greater effort to pace myself, not overcommit, soak up the sun whenever I have the opportunity. I am taking Vitamin D, even if it doesn’t feel like I need it. And I am reminded every day of the value of my morning meditation – even three (yes, three!) minutes of Kundalini Yoga before I head out the door makes such a huge difference.

Here are a few low-commitment on-the-spot helpers:

  • Breath of Fire is great for evening out your energy level. If you’re feeling amped, it can get you back to steady, and if you’re feeling sluggish, it can perk you up.
  • Finding Happiness & Peace Within Kundalini Meditation is super-short (1-2 minutes), doesn’t require a timer, and might just tickle your insides. It’s also featured in this wonderful webinar with Dev Suroop Kaur on the power of mantra.
  • Even if you are not the morning-yoga type, the midnight sun is prompting us to sleep a little lighter so why not go with it? Get up a few minutes early and do something fun. Before anyone has a chance to distract you with their idea of how you should be spending your precious life energy, do something that is enjoyable and meaningful to you. Whatever happens the rest of the day, no one can take those moments away from you. (This really works! I did it this morning – got out my banjo and worked on a new song I’m writing. Got me through a very long day.)


Narayanjot Kaur