An intuitive approach to life

According to the yoga teachings, we are now in the Aquarian Age, a time when there is tremendous change in the way we live and how we define and achieve success in our lives. Summarizing what I’ve learned from the kundalini community, here’s a three-step approach to living – the Aquarian way. I have been experimenting with this approach recently, and it’s going incredibly well! So I thought I’d share:

1. Take out your mental trash. 

Have you ever noticed how often you create your own problems? Get in your own way? Worried about what others think of you, when the reality is that everyone else is just worrying about what the rest of the world thinks about them?

When this happens, it’s because we’re operating from old fears, old habits, old programming that may or may not have anything to do with our present reality. (Wow, has this bitten me in the backside!)  But there is hope – I find that Kundalini yoga meditations are great for clearing the junk out of our mind, making peace with the past, and moving on!

Here is a great mantra for clearing the subconcious.

2. Use your intuition. 

It’s smarter than your rational mind. Why? It takes into account so much more information than your rational brain can process.

According to yoga teachings, intuition comes from your soul, a nonphysical, energetic aspect of you that is completely connected and communicating with the soul aspect of every other living being in the universe, and can see beyond the limitations of time and space that define our physical lives. Imagine having access to all that information without even needing the internet!

If that’s too far out for you, think about it on the physical level: you don’t just have a brain – you have a whole body constantly processing information through five physical senses – not all of which are experienced through your head. Brain science also tells us that the rational mind is great at analyzing but a lousy decision-maker (check it out on Radiolab), and for that we need our intuition.

Guess what? Kundalini yoga meditations are great for helping you connect with your intuition! Here is a great meditation to build your intuition.

3. Use your energy wisely. 

Think of it like this: someone throws a ball, and you want to catch it. Is it more likely you’ll catch the ball by chasing after it? Or by positioning yourself in just the right spot so that the ball comes directly to you?

Think about what you want and where you’re headed. Tap into your intuition for this: what really feels right to you and for you? It might not be what you’ve been telling everyone your whole life. It might not be what your family, friends, colleagues, etc. want to hear. It might make no rational sense at all. But if it’s yours, it’s yours. Keep a compassionate, open heart, and trust it.

Continue to use your intuition to guide you to do the right activities, land in the right place and time, and connect with the right people and resources to realize those big dreams and little desires.

When in doubt, do Heart Breath. When in confusion, do Heart Breath. When in pain, do Heart Breath. When you experience anyone around you in these states – do Heart Breath