Sat nam, September

September saw the Juneau community hosting a Superhealth wellness workshop for addictive behaviors. Sahaj Kaur says “it was absolutely life-changing for people. Such a diverse group, so many remarkable stories about what drew people to the course.” Pictures will be posted to the Alaska Kundalini Yoga Facebook page.

If you missed the workshop or are interested in kundalini and addictive behaviors, coming up at the end of this month (Sept 28-Oct 2), some of our community of kundalini yogis down south will be offering classes through a free online conference that goes “beyond addictions” to get to some of the core dynamics that support addictive behaviors of any kind from the obvious (drugs, food, sex, money) to the more subtle (negative thinking, self doubt, procrastination, resentment). 

And of course please peruse the pages for Kundalini Yoga classes this fall. Cheers!