Warm November Wishes

Greetings everyone,

Another year and the dark season is upon us. The long nights draw us inward, asking us to examine our inner worlds and how they color and shape our outer circumstances. What a great time for meditation! Yogi Bhajan once told the Nirvairs that with our extreme day and night cycles, we must either drink a lot or meditate a lot up here in Alaska. For those of us more inclined to meditation, Kundalini classes continue this month:

  • in Anchorage with Andrea @ Inner Dance Yoga Studio Sundays 1-2:30pm
  • in Juneau with Grace/Sahaj @ Rainforest Yoga Tuesdays 5:30-7pm and with Sushma Harimandir Kaur (Susan Clark) and Haridass Kaurr (Dawn Huette). Wednesdays @ Harborview Elementary School, Room 015, 6-7:30pm until December 11.
  • in Homer with Anna/Shivcharan (aka Kundalini Yoga North) @ Many Rivers Wednesdays (all levels) 10-11:30am, Saturdays (prenatal) 2-3:30pm, and Saturdays (all levels) 4-5:30pm.
  • in Sitka with Mike @ Yoga Union Thursdays 7:15-8:30pm until November 21.

And don’t forget that winter solstice is coming up soon! Some of us will be going to the big gathering in Florida, while others of us will gather for local solstice events. Since I started taking kundalini classes with the Nirvairs, I have not missed the opportunity to attend a kundalini winter solstice ceremony and have found that the intentions I’ve set during those times have consistently manifested in uncanny and beautiful ways. And there’s nothing like yogi tea and cookies with your yoga buddies!


October Greetings

So much going on this month!

Sushma Harimandir Kaur and Haridass Kaur are offering a new class through Juneau Community Schools: Kundalini Yoga in the Aquarian Age, October 2 – December 11.

In Anchorage, Checka Antifonario will be coming up to offer a Radiant Child Yoga teacher training October 11-13.

If you are looking for more yoga dharma in your life, consider joining several other Alaskan regulars on a free weekly “tele-talk” with Baba Siri Chand hosted by Siri Gian, Wednesdays at 8am AKST. These are wonderful guided meditations and a great way to connect with other yogis. For the phone number or to listen to recorded talks, please visit http://www.soulanswer.com/talk.html  If calling in, it’s best to listen by speaker phone – invite a friend or two to listen with you!

And the Recovery 2.0 Online Conference has been extended – all the talks are available for free viewing through Sunday October 6. I’ve watched a few of the interviews, and so far they have been a fascinating inquiry into the human experience. Some great dialogues with Guru Singh, Mukhta Kaur, Guru Prem, Gurmukh, Anand Mehrotra, Gabor Mate and others.

Connect with the community on Facebook.

Sat nam.

Sat nam, September

September saw the Juneau community hosting a Superhealth wellness workshop for addictive behaviors. Sahaj Kaur says “it was absolutely life-changing for people. Such a diverse group, so many remarkable stories about what drew people to the course.” Pictures will be posted to the Alaska Kundalini Yoga Facebook page.

If you missed the workshop or are interested in kundalini and addictive behaviors, coming up at the end of this month (Sept 28-Oct 2), some of our community of kundalini yogis down south will be offering classes through a free online conference that goes “beyond addictions” to get to some of the core dynamics that support addictive behaviors of any kind from the obvious (drugs, food, sex, money) to the more subtle (negative thinking, self doubt, procrastination, resentment). http://www.recovery2point0.com/ 

And of course please peruse the pages for Kundalini Yoga classes this fall. Cheers!