Here comes the fall…


In the Alaska kundalini community, we have new or updated classes with Anna/Shivcharan in Homer for beginners, prenatal and all levels. In Wasilla, Hari Atma Kaur Khalsa is offering a special four-week series of kundalini yoga and meditation to help break unwanted habits. And from the internet yogis, here are some tips on making the most of your meditation practice and a lovely meditation to reclaim your inner remote control.

In Anchorage, the first week of September is already starting to feel like fall. The air in the mornings is crispy and evenings are getting dark again. The summer flower baskets have been put away, and by the end of the month the leaves will be on fire with the reds and yellows of autumn and the termination dust will come back to the mountains.

This time of year, the pace of life seems to speed up. The cool air almost pinches me into action, and with everyone coming together again for school, work, and fall party season, sometimes I am tempted to feel overwhelmed. However, this year I am noticing that meditating has helped me develop much greater patience through the ebbs and flows of activity, strength to gently manage the flow of events when I can influence them, and trust that it will all work out when I cannot.

Wishing everyone a fun and safe September.