Happy Spring!

Breakup at last! I’ve been noticing the bright sunshine in Anchorage luring us outdoors, but there is still enough snow, ice, slush, puddles and mud to make navigation slow and tricky in many places. I think of how life is like that sometimes – I am eager to be rushing off on the next adventure, but the conditions are not quite ripe. Rushing would likely cause more harm than good. I am forced to be patient, take it as it comes.

I tell myself:

Go slow to go fast.

Soak up the sun.

Watch the mountains, the water, the sky, the little bits of fresh green beginning to erupt here and there (burgeoning, I have learned, is the term for that).

It’s a good time to connect with Soul, with Mother Earth, with the Divine Feminine that gives us the patience and clarity to flow with what is and absorb the love and the lessons all around us. Enjoy classes offered this spring in Fairbanks, Juneau, Homer and Anchorage, and here are a couple of suggestions along these lines for your home practice:

Meditation for Coziness and Stay Connected with Your Higher Self 

Meditation for Being Human: Balancing Heaven and Earth