yumminess of summer

Wow, this summer has been a welcome bath of light! Even on the few cloud-covered days, I’ve been looking around and seeing so much that I missed during the haze of the dark season. And what a world of color – eyes hungrily drinking it all in. At times it is also a time of breathtaking spiritual illumination, as expanded conscious awareness shows so much more of what is.

Even if “what is” includes things I’d rather not see or have to deal with. Sigh. Except after practicing this exercise of looking at what I’ve been hiding from myself for a few years now, I’ve come to actually enjoy discovering the depth and complexity of life beyond my blind spots. It’s not always pleasant, but it’s deeply satisfying when I am able to keep an open heart through it all. Sweet and juicy, like Alaska tomatoes.

I know many fellow Alaska yogis have been spending the summer out and about and not so much on the mats together, but we’ve got some classes going on and starting up around the state, so please check the offerings in Fairbanks (yay – Devta’s back with a gong!), Juneau, Anchorage, Homer and Sitka.

And for your own meditation experimentation, I invite you to join me in practicing the Meditation for a Calm Heart, which I’ve found helpful in coasting through stressful situations, maintaining patience in relationships and increasing breath control. Or maybe chant along with our many many yogi friends around the world who are doing the global sadhana Meditation to Heal Ancestral Wounds, which is a tremendously powerful meditation.

Meditation for a Calm Heart
video with a short introductory talk

Meditation to Heal Ancestral Wounds
print and video
video with an emphasis on material security

sat nam. peace be with you,

Narayanjot Kaur